tutorials for gamebo class


Step by step



Create  a class



Once you have created your flashcards assign then to students you can assign them to the whole class are just individual Students



Add your students to the classes



Create sets of flashcards called decks you can make a template for multiple cards using the same formate or you can make individual cards .the process is very simple and intuitive .you can add text images and or audio to either side of the cards.



Students send you feedback when your students play the game the well to the flashcards area and site 1 of one of the cards in the set will be showing the student well answer the question and top the called again to see the answer at the bottom of the card students will need to select if they got they right are the wrong answer this response well be collected of you to see in the results” selection of the App whether students get the answer right or wrong good mot to affect gameplay this and the fact that other students will be watching encourages them to be honest about their  results there is no incentive to cheat



Analyze the result as students performance improve a set of cards to a percentage you are satisfied with pull them aside and give them quick check to go thought the cards with them and make sure the results are accurate if they are grated unassigned that deck and assign a new one to that students if the student is not improving you can see which cards they have trouble with  and pull them aside to work on those specific cards



The let the students play you can allow them to build their own board game or you can create a” fixed  game”  to save time with setup and help limit the amount of time it takes to complete the game



Assign as homework students well have their own ideas so they play at home they will be able to address they assigned flashcard to play

Setting up a fixed game:

Fixed Game is a great way to save time with setup if you have a very limited amount of time to pay the game. Students will

Tap the “Fixed Game” button in the Decks tab.

Choose which decks you’d like to allow students to choose from and select all other options you’d like in the game.

When students tap the “Fixed Game” button. They will be asked how many players there will be.

When students open the “Fixed Game“ option, they will just sign in and choose which deck they’d like to use for the game.

Students will tap the “Student” button

Students will select the “Free Play” option.

They can choose all the options they’d like in for the game.

Each student will need to sign in and choose a deck to play with as well as which game piece they’d like to use. They should then tap the “Play” button and the game will be set up.

Playing the game

The game will be set up with the player icons at the top of the screen and the deck on the right side.

1. Select the game piece for the player whose turn it is.
2. Tap the deck.





The target space will be highlighted.

Just tap the space and the piece will move there automatically. However, you can move anywhere on the board freely. You can have players move back for penalties or forward for rewards. It’s entirely up to you!

 The first player to the finish spot after the last space, is the winner! Tap the “Continue” button. If there are more than two players, the game can continue (to see who gets second or third place) until there is only one player left on the board. Then the game is over.


 You will now have three options, “Reset” means they play the same board with the same decks and everyone goes back to start. “New Game” takes them back to the set up screen to create a new game. “Exit” takes them back to the very beginning of the app.


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