GAMEBO Class enables teachers/parents to create decks of two-sided flashcards that students will use when playing a board game. The teacher/parent can create decks of flashcards and assign them to specific students or an entire class. When a student plays GAMEBO Class on a device, they will enter their ID and be able to play a board game. Multiple students will be able to play at once, but each will be able to use different decks of cards.

Here are the best features of GAMEBO Class:



It’s always free for students.s!



Students can play this game together no matter what grade level, topic their studying, or what their age is. They will only be shown flashcards from the decks assigned to them.



You can move freely. You don’t have to wait for someone to come back from the bathroom to continue the game. Simply tap the next player’s game piece icon and continue playing until they return. You can move freely anywhere on the board as long as your game piece is selected.



There are no rewards or punishments based on what answer quality. We want students to keep playing because the more they see the cards, the more they will remember them. Being punished for a mistake can be discouraging and being rewarded is an incentive to give false results.



Students report their own results. On the answer side of every flashcard is an X and an O. Students will select X if their answer was wrong, and O of correct.



More efficient tracking of student progress. Teachers will be able to see what decks and what cards students are having trouble with and focus on teaching those points.



Students can move forward at their own pace! If a student is faster than the rest of the class, you can assign more advanced decks to them to play with.



Students can play from anywhere! The app will be available on Android and iOS devices. When a teacher creates a student profile, an ID will be created for that student. Give the ID to the student and they can play on a device in the classroom or at home for homework.



Most important of all is that it’s a FUN way to use flashcards to learn!
Please download GAMEBO Class today and help your students enjoy learning with flashcards today!

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