Build your own board game. Just have fun OR use it to teach or study!


Hello! My name is Charles Troy, and I’m the creator of GAMEBO. I have been teaching for 25 years now. For twenty of those years, I have been teaching ESL in Japan. I have used flashcards my whole life. As a student, I used flashcards to memorize things and to help me study and remember new concepts. As a teacher, I have used them in countless ways to help my students learn and remember. GAMEBO helps make learning with flashcards fun, efficient, and effective.


There are lots of issues I’ve had with using regular flashcards.

You have to keep them stored forever or remake them

when they wear out! More time and more of your budget gone!

Students usually don’t get to take them home.

I don’t know about your school, or you as a teacher, but I don’t have the time or resources to make a set of cards for individual students or several groups. Plus, what do they do when they leave the class?

It takes a LOT of time to make them!

As a teacher, I KNOW how much time it takes to make those flashcards! Finding/creating the images, making the documents themselves, cutting them out, and then laminating them!? You could spend an hour or more just creating one set of flashcards. GAMEBO cuts that time dramatically!

What do you do with the flashcards in class?

Tired of just playing memory? Are you just showing the cards over and over? You probably have some games you play in class, but then you have the advanced students dominating the slower students. Again, GAMEBO can solve this!

Different ability levels and learning speeds!

Are your advanced kids audibly groaning when they have to use a set of cards they have already mastered? Are the slower kids groaning because this set is too difficult or do they just give up before even trying? Again, GAMEBO can solve this for BOTH sets of students!

Wear and tear!

The sets of flashcards you get from publishers are usually expensive. If you make flashcards for your class, they get beaten up, folded, stepped on, and even chewed! With GAMEBO, use your set of cards to introduce new words to students as a whole class. Make digital cards in the GAMEBO Class app and you won’t have to replace those cards because the students won’t have to touch the hard copies.


GAMEBO is an app that you can download to an Apple device or an Android device. There are two versions.

 GAMEBO – GAMEBO is an app that allows you to build your own board game and then play it. It is aimed at younger children from 4-12 years of age, but can be fun for the whole family.


GAMEBO Class- GAMEBO Class is an app that enables teachers to create decks of two-sided flashcards that students will use when playing a board game. The teacher can create decks of flashcards and assign them to specific students or the entire class.